Head First & Hesitant with Gifs!

To celebrate the Watty Awards finally opening, I’ve decided to describe my book using gifs. Yay!

Meet Dorrie. She’s had a lot of boyfriends (emphasis on the past tense), so, there’s been a lot of this:

And some of this too:

Her best friend Amber, however, has never had a boyfriend.

Dorrie gets dumped once again, but this time she has an idea…

All they need to go is find dates for each other. By dates, I mean, male suitors (and potential future husbands/brothers-in-law)

Amber finds Martin, who really likes Dorrie, but isn’t quite her usual type.

He likes chess, dorky video games (not the cool badass ones), and singing loudly in public

Meanwhile, Dorrie has found a friend of a friend who seems absolutely perfect (over Facebook that is). But even once she’s met the guy, it’s almost like she’s smitten herself, and needs to remember who he’s really for.

Gus meets Amber, but Amber can’t help feeling hesitant. After all, she’s experienced enough break-ups (vicariously, of course) to have some major trust issues.

Will love happen? Will heartbreak? Will it all end in tears?

Find out in Head First & Hesitant, only on Wattpad!



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